Commercial Painting

First impressions are the ones that stick. If you have peeling, cracked or dirty paint on your building, it may appear that you lack professionalism or attention to detail. Adding fresh new paint will completely transform your space and provide the best first impression! Five Star Painting Company specializes in high quality commercial painting, using the best products available, for long lasting results.

We provide a wide array of commercial services for all of our client’s needs.

Interior Painting

Whether you need to paint a warehouse, a spa or anything in between, Five Star Painting Company is here to assist in choosing the correct type of paint and color. We cover all of your interior painting needs.

Our team handles everything, from preparing the space (cleaning walls, sanding, priming, etc) to applying the finishing coat of paint.

Exterior Painting

Providing commercial businesses with an esthetically pleasing exterior paint is our goal! Whether you are a business owner or a contractor we have you covered.

Not only do we offer great pricing and deliver on time, we also use the best quality paint for each type of surface. Thus your business’ exterior painting will last longer, despite being exposed to the elements.

Rust Removal and Re-painting on Metal Doors

Rust is inevitable as metal ages, but it doesn’t have to stay there forever. As a matter of fact, there’s a number of ways to make metal doors look brand new and one of the best options is removing the rust and repainting the whole surface.

Waterproof Coating

Areas that are consistently exposed to the weather and/or water decay quickly. If your business has been suffering from leaks, mold and other problems it might be time to invest in a waterproof coating. Using the best products on the market, our team will apply a coat of protective paint on any wall or surface that may need it.

Condominium Painting and Touch Up

Any housing complex needs to maintain a beautiful exterior to attract potential renters/buyers. However, even the best coat of paint will fade away with time and give space to mold, stains and infiltration. No worries, our painting and touch up service will renew your space. 

Indoor/Outdoor Court Painting/Sealing

Court surfaces require special paint that’s scuff resistant and won’t cause injuries or accidents whenever players run. It also needs bright, vivid colors that won’t fade easily, and a sealant to make sure the court can be used for much longer before needing maintenance. 

The sealant also protects the court, extending its useful life in outdoor or indoor courts. This service is ideal for concrete or acrylic surfaces. 

Residential Painting

Painting might be one of the last steps in construction, but it isn’t any less important. The right coat of paint creates a comfortable and cozy environment, as well as protecting the walls for much longer. It can help prevent infiltrations, cracks and fissures and some imperfections on the surface that could give a bad impression to buyers and tenants.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor finishing a new project or a homeowner just renewing your space. We work with the best products and a trained team ready for all of your needs. Check out our residential painting services below.

If you’ve been thinking about ways to change your living space or make your house look like new, this is also a great solution. Residential painting is an affordable way to make any environment look bright, new and clean. Our services are specially planned to make sure your family can go through this period of renewal in a comfortable way.

Interior Preparation and Painting

Half of the results in any residential painting comes from proper preparation. That’s why our team handles everything, from preparing the space, cleaning walls and applying the first coats of paint to paint finishing.

Preparation starts by covering uneven surfaces and holes on the wall, making sure the surface is even before painting. Afterwards the surface is sanded and the trim is protected to make sure no splatters fall on it.

On wood surfaces we must apply primer to make sure the paint won’t be partially absorbed by the material and change its color. Primer can be also necessary on some walls, including drywall, to make the surface more prepared for the paint.

After all is done, our team applies extra layers of paint as needed. Don’t worry about any details, just enjoy the finished paint job.

Exterior Preparation and Painting

We guarantee quality painting for your home’s exterior with products that prevent mold and make cleaning easier. If you’re a homeowner looking for ways to add value to your property adding a fresh coat of paint will do the trick. Of course there’s no need to worry about anything, our team does the hard job while you watch your home become a brand new place. 

Cabinet Paint

Looking to refresh your kitchen cabinets? Why buy brand new ones if a proper paint and repair service can make them look brand new? Cabinets can be painted in place, removed or sprayed depending on the owner’s tastes and needs. Our team is prepared to do a precision job.

Deck Sealing/Staining

Mother nature can be cruel to wooden surfaces over time that have been exposed to the elements. If you’d like your deck to last longer and be protected for as long as possible, we have the perfect solution with deck staining/sealing services. 

The ideal way to keep a deck looking brand new is getting it stained/sealed on a regular basis, every 1 to 3 years, depending on use, weather and sun exposure. 

What's the difference between Staining and Sealing?

A deck stain is usually a colored sealer and plain sealer is usually clear. The purpose of sealing a deck is to avoid water damage and eventual rot.

Move Out Painting

Whether you are moving out of an apartment or home it is recommended or required to paint all walls with a neutral color and repair all damages/holes. The idea is to leave a home as you found it. If renting, this may help with getting back a larger percentage of your security deposit. 

With all the hustle and bustle of moving out, how can you find time and energy to paint the place? That’s where our trained team of experts come in. We’ll clean, prepare and paint the walls and make the place look brand new. 

This service is also ideal for owners looking to sell or rent property. If the place has been closed for months or years, dirt, mold and grime start to accumulate on the walls, giving it an ageing and decaying look that doesn’t attract buyers. A new coat of paint can solve that problem and make selling or renting much easier. 

Residential Deep Cleaning and Organization

Even homes that are cleaned every week or so and look clean on the surface can still be dirty. There are many surfaces and crevices of the house that aren’t reached with normal cleaning. Some include: door knobs, light switches, curtains/blinds, walls, appliances, etc.

A deep cleaning and organization service can help keep you and your family healthier and give your house that fresh feeling without repainting. Using the right products and tools our team can reach dirt anywhere, making sure the place is as clean as possible once we leave. It’s not just about cleaning, we organize any clutter or mess.

Power Washing

The walls of any building can lose its beauty over time even when they’ve been painted by experts. It’s impossible to keep mildew and dirt from accumulating and sometimes only proper cleaning can solve the problem. That’s why we work with top of the line, specialized power washing tools to offer you the best cleaning solutions.

Power Washing is perfect for removing years of dirt, mildew and dust from residential and commercial buildings, patios, decks, driveways and much more.

Roof Coating

Being exposed to the elements for a long period of time slowly breaks down any roof. With a proper roof coating, you can keep that from happening and make tiles last much longer. These products protect the roof from decay and keep algae and mold from forming on it.

Before starting the roof coating process our team thoroughly cleans the area to remove any dirt and applies fungal deterrent products. Afterwards the coating starts, as always, using the best products in the market.

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